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Eco Cleaning

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Eco Friendly Cleaning

Eco Cleaning Services in Bedford and Surrounding Areas

Eco Clean does exactly that: we clean your house using only natural, biodegradable, 100% chemical-free, non-toxic hypoallergenic products, not derived from petro-chemicals, result: you, your family, even your pets live in a safer home environment.

By Continuing to rely on ordinary commonly used cleaning products you are contributing to the deterioration of the environment.  Ingredients from those products make their way into the environment through various routes: they are flushed down toilets, poured down sinks, sprayed into the air, thrown into the trash, and dumped onto the ground.  In fact, many hazardous cleaning products are land filled or incinerated, upon which they release their toxins into the environment and contribute to the depletion of the ozone layer, pollution of groundwater and contamination of the soil. They also are harmful to plant and animal life, and should they enter the food chain, hazardous to human life as well.

We do not use toxic products, we do not contaminate air or water, we do not impose an added burden on Mother Nature. In addition we use micro-fiber cleaning cloths for general dusting etc.  These fabrics are environmentally friendly, since they collect all the dust instead of just spreading it around, thereby further polluting the air.

Our staff are all trained properly, and we guarantee a high standard of cleaning, and that a good care will be taken of your possessions: we regard your home as our own.

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